Sanford Imagenetics is the first program in the nation to embed the latest in genomic medicine with primary care for adults. Genetic counselors and medical geneticists evaluate your family history and, when applicable, recommend advanced genetic analysis.

This program provides our expert internal medicine physicians with unprecedented patient-specific information so they can design treatments and preventative care based on your specific needs.

We use pharmacogenetic testing to translate your genetic makeup to customize prescriptions and other treatments just for you. This allows our internists to individualize care for patients with diabetes, hypertension, coronary artery disease and other conditions.

Our internal medicine practice is the “hub” for genetics at Sanford, but not the only area to apply genetics in patient care. Existing patients will benefit from Sanford Imagenetics without having to change physicians.

A number of specialty providers in our organization already consider genetics when treating patients with specific illnesses and will continue to do so. Family medicine and other primary care providers can also tap into the expertise and resources available through this program to benefit their patients.

Sanford Health is recruiting the best and brightest in the fields of internal medicine and genetics to support Sanford Imagenetics. In partnership with colleges and universities in the region, we are developing new academic programs to train the next generation of doctors, nurses and scientists in genomic medicine.

As a part of this initiative, Sanford Health will also have dedicated facilities in all major markets to accommodate implementation of the program throughout the enterprise. Depending on the region, these facilities would house the internal medicine practice, genetic counselors, medical geneticists, research, education, and lab services.