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Genetic Testing Through the Sanford Chip

The Sanford Chip is a laboratory developed test (LDT)* designed specifically for genetic screening available only through Sanford Imagenetics that uses a small sample of blood to determine a patient’s risk for several potential health conditions.  This test uses methods of result verification and information reporting systems to more accurately manage your health. Two types of health-related information are returned: pharmacogenetics and disease predisposition.


All individuals respond to medications differently. Sometimes these differences are due to genetic causes. Pharmacogenetic, or PGx, testing looks at a defined set of locations in your DNA that help control the ways your body processes medication. Using this information, Sanford experts look for gene changes associated with your reaction to many commonly prescribed drugs.  Knowing this information early will help your Sanford physician get the right drug at the right dose when you need it.

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Disease Predisposition

An increased chance to develop a disease can be inherited or passed down through families. This is called a predisposition. By looking at specific places in your DNA, genetic experts at Sanford can find out the likelihood that you have certain gene changes that may put you at a higher risk to develop these conditions, such as some types of cancer. The Sanford Chip tests for several conditions where proper medical care can prevent symptoms from developing or decrease their impact on your life.

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Integration with Primary Care

This test will be ordered and the results managed by a Sanford primary care provider.  The provider or a genetic counselor will work with you to make a plan for your health including finding more effective medications and better understanding your risk for disease.


*The Sanford Chip is a laboratory developed test that has not been and currently is not required to be reviewed, cleared or approved by the FDA.  If you are concerned about consenting online because of language barriers or a disability, please call (888) 424-2332.

What is the Sanford Chip?

Learn more about how the Sanford Chip genetic test works, what can be gained by participating, and how your doctor will use this information to provide personalized health care.

Risks, Concerns and Benefits

Understand how the Sanford Chip test can impact you and how the results may be used by your primary care provider to build a personalized plan for your health care.


Meet the following criteria to be invited to participate in the Sanford Chip test for $49 through a My Sanford Chart message:

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  1. Establish care with a primary care provider at Sanford
  2. Be 18 years or older
  3. Have a My Sanford Chart account

Other Questions You May Have

Why should I complete genetic testing at Sanford Health?

The information from the Sanford Chip test may help your doctor find the right dose for a medication.  It is also possible for the test to identify a risk for disease which could lead to a need for additional screening test such as a breast MRI.  As medical knowledge grows and new discoveries are made, you will be given the option to learn more about the genetic contribution to your health.

Will insurance cover this test?

The cost for this test is $49.  This is not billed to insurance.

What is the consenting process for the Sanford Chip test?

Patients consent to the Sanford Chip test using an electronic consent form which can be completed from home. The consent incorporates education regarding the test and offers patients the opportunity to request help if additional explanation is needed.

If a genetic abnormality were found, would that be considered a pre-existing condition with insurance carriers?

The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) prohibits health insurance companies from using genetic information to influence premium costs. GINA does not regulate life, disability, or long-term care insurance.  Additional information is available within the consenting form.

Do I need to have a My Sanford Chart account created to participate?

Yes, a My Sanford Chart account is required. More information can be found here.

What is the turn-around for results?

Results will be returned in several weeks based on volume.

What kind of follow-up will I receive once my results arrive?

If your Sanford Chip test indicates that you have a positive disease predisposition, you will be referred to a genetics specialist for further analysis and next steps.  If you are found to have genetic changes which affect your body’s ability to process certain medications, this information will be stored in your medical record and will be available when a provider prescribes medication affected by your test.

Do I have to participate in all areas of the Sanford Chip test?

No.  All patients who consent to testing will receive pharmacogenetic results.  During the consenting process, you have the option to decline the part of the test which assesses your risk for medical predispositions.

Where will my results go?

Your privacy is very important to us. The results of your genetic screening will be returned to your primary care doctor and held securely within your Sanford Health medical record.

Who can I call with questions on the Sanford Chip test?

For more information, speak with your Sanford doctor or call (888) 424-2332.