Exploring Genetics

Genetics, History and Health

This free educational series is focused on relating your genes to your health. Learn how genetics plays a major role in your health in a specific area of genetic medicine each month.


2019 Fall Schedule

Sept. 10
Wait, Which Tests are Out There?
Comparing genetic tests
Speaker: Erin Royer, MS, CGC
With all the genetic tests available at home or through your doctor, it can be difficult to know what each genetic tests looks at. Join us for a deep dive into genetic testing.

Oct. 8
Into the Mind
The role of genetics in psychiatric care
Speaker: D. Isum Ward, MD
Modern genetics has revealed the cause of thousands of hereditary conditions, but the exact cause of psychiatric conditions is largely unknown. Join us to hear about progress made in this field and why these conditions are so hard to understand.

Nov. 12
7.5 Billion and Counting
Using genetics in population health
Speaker: Emily Griese, PhD
Population health involves taking meaningful, strategic steps to help patients and health care systems move from taking care of people once they’re sick to helping them practice healthy lifestyles today. Join us to hear how genetic information, environment, behavior and access to health care can all be pieces to the puzzle.

All lectures are free and open to the public. They will be held from 7-8 p.m. in the Sanford Imagenetics Courtyard at 1321 W. 22nd St. in Sioux Falls, SD

2018/2019 Series

Watch a video on how genetic test results impact health and care now and in years to come.
Watch a video on how health care is working to find and diagnose patients with inherited high cholesterol.
Learn how DNA can be found in everyday areas of our lives.
Hear stories of dwarfism and ethical issues of gene editing.
Understanding the complexities of this genetic condition.


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