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Integrating genetic medicine into everyday care

Sanford Genetic Testing

The Sanford Chip is a $49 genetic screening test available only through Sanford Health that arms your doctor with information regarding:

  • How you may respond to certain medications
  • Your risk for genetic diseases
  • Detail to make a plan for your health

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Meet Jeff Carlson

Jeff had been placed on blood thinners following several stent placements. He visited with his doctor about genetic testing to see which medications worked best for his body. After receiving his results, Jeff’s doctor switched him to a more effective medication.

Meet Ashley Schwab

Ashley is on a pursuit for knowledge. Without any prior concerns, she simply took the Sanford Chip test to learn more about herself and plan for her future health. “The fact that each item tested allows me to take charge of my health and my future provides me peace of mind,” she said.

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Meet Megan Baldridge

Megan is commonly referred to as a “worst case worrier.” She found taking the Sanford Chip DNA test lessened her anxiety. “If I can hear ‘that’s not normal’ any less, the Sanford Chip is worth way more than the $49 it cost me,” she said.

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Meet Karl Vanderlugt

Through genetic testing, Karl learned his body doesn’t produce a protein that removes bad cholesterol.  “I knew I had high cholesterol and they tried to put me on a diet to control it, but it didn’t control it. Now I know why,” Vanderlugt said. Karl also discovered a medication he should avoid.

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