Recognizing the impact genetics has on diagnosing and treating certain health conditions, Sanford Imagenetics integrates genetic medicine into everyday primary care.


What is DNA?

DNA is a biomolecule encoding the genetic information for all living things. This hereditary information makes you who you are. Of all DNA in the human body, 99.9 percent is the same between one person and another. It’s the remaining 0.1 percent that makes each of us unique.



Pharmacogenetics (PGx) is the study of how heredity – genes passed from parent to child – influences your response to certain drugs, which helps physicians find the best medicine for you.

Completing pharmacogenetic testing at Sanford means your results are saved in your medical record so Sanford providers can easily access this information to guide your medical care as well as make it simple to participate in further genetic testing in the future.  Speak with your primary care provider today to order the test for $199.

Pharmacogenetics & You Covered Classes/Drugs

The Impact On You

Knowing your genetic makeup enables genetic professionals and your primary care provider to better understand your potential risk for developing certain genetic conditions, possibly identify the cause of conditions you may already have and help determine how your body reacts to certain drugs.

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