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By providing scientists with direct access to the Sanford BioBank, we are accelerating research and potential discoveries. Our scientists don’t have to wait to receive biological samples, enabling them to begin their important work sooner.

Your genetic sample could help you and your loved ones because it is saved for future genetic testing. We collect and store samples from any patient age 18 and older, allowing our physicians to adopt and practice precision, predictive medicine. No other biobank incorporates this clinical application.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Sanford BioBank

Who can participate in the BioBank?

Any person who is willing to give consent and have blood taken can participate.

Do I have to pay to be part of the BioBank?

No, there is no cost to participate in Sanford BioBank.

What will be done with my sample?

DNA from your sample will be extracted and stored in the BioBank at Sanford Research in Sioux Falls, SD. Blood samples will be split into small storage tubes and placed into the BioBank.

In what types of research may my sample be used?

Samples may be used for population genetic studies, cancer research or other large-scale investigations.

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