Because of one man’s continued generosity, Sanford Health is launching a revolutionary program to improve health and prevent disease with personalized plans of care. Denny Sanford is the preeminent health care philanthropist in the United States and is helping us change the face of medicine.

What is Sanford Imagenetics?

Sanford Imagenetics is a comprehensive new program that fully integrates genetics with internal medicine, creating a first-of its-kind model for exceptionally high-quality and innovative primary care for adults.

Although dieticians, social workers and pharmacists sometimes function as team members within an internal medicine office, there are currently no organizations that similarly embed genetics health care professionals into a primary care practice.

Our new approach

Sanford Health has long recognized the impact genetics can have on the diagnosis and treatment of certain health conditions. For example, Sanford Cancer Center, Sanford Women’s, Edith Sanford Breast Center and Sanford Children’s already consider genetic evaluation and genetic testing to be an essential part of clinical practice and will continue to do so going forward.

Sanford Imagenetics expands on this approach by further incorporating clinical genetics into the everyday practice of primary care for adults, allowing for more precise prescription of medications, screening for and management of chronic disorders. Genetic counselors and medical geneticists will evaluate a patient’s family history and, when applicable, recommend advanced genetic analysis.

Truly personalized medicine

This program will provide our expert internal medicine physicians with unprecedented patient-specific information so they can design treatments and preventative care based on a patient’s specific needs.

Our internal medicine practice will become the “hub” for genetics at Sanford, although it will not be the only area to apply genetics in patient care. Existing patients will benefit from Sanford Imagenetics without having to change physicians.

The future

The impact of genetics on the practice of medicine in the near future will grow to surpass all other diagnostic methodologies currently in the physician’s collection of resources. By gauging genomic indications of a health concern, applying associated preventative regimens, avoiding triggering events and providing targeted treatments, genetics and the practice of genomic medicine will revolutionize health care.

Already in adult medicine, genomics is used to assess risk for and treat cancer, cardiovascular diseases, neurological disorders, developmental disabilities, metabolic diseases and ophthalmologic conditions, among others.