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Genetic Medicine

Sanford Imagenetics offers genetic tests and screenings to help you find new, personalized ways to improve your health.

You can:

  • Find more effective medications faster
  • Unlock tailored health care recommendations
  • Learn your risk for inherited diseases

We’ll send your genetic results to your primary care provider so you get integrated health care guided by what makes you unique.

Your Screening Options

Pharmacogenomics (PGx)

Everyone responds to medications differently. Sometimes these differences are due to genetic causes. Preemptive genomic screenings examine your genetics to understand how your body may respond to certain medications.

It may predict that a commonly prescribed drug wouldn’t work well for you. This information, along with other factors, can help your doctor match you to effective medications faster than simple trial and error.

All preemptive genomic screenings include pharmacogenomics.

View our PGx panel list of medications.

Disease Predisposition

You can inherit an increased chance of developing a certain disease from your family. This is called a predisposition. Medically Actionable Predisposition (MAP) testing can tell you if you’re more at risk for certain health conditions than most people. It tests for genetic conditions such as cancer and heart disease.

This information empowers you and your doctor to take a proactive approach to your health. Knowing you’re genetically more likely to develop heart disease can get you started on a preventive plan now to keep your heart as healthy as possible.

Screening can also help your children and family members better understand their health risks through your results.

What to know
MAP testing is an optional test offered with our genetic screenings. It screens for a set of gene variants, or changes, related to certain conditions. See the full list of conditions.

This test is not a replacement for diagnostic testing. It shows if you’re predisposed to a condition, not if you have it or are guaranteed to develop it. Predisposition means you’re more likely than most people to develop a condition.

Depending on your results, your screening may lead to additional testing, including diagnostic testing. Before signing up for MAP testing, talk about your concerns with your doctor. You can also speak to a genetic counselor to explore your options and get your questions answered.

Get Started


To be eligible for genetic tests and screenings from Sanford Imagenetics, you must:

  • Have an existing relationship with a Sanford Health primary care provider.
  • Have an active My Sanford Chart account. You’ll need an account to receive your results.
  • Be at least 18 years old
What Happens After Enrollment

You’ll provide a blood sample
You’ll get a message through My Sanford Chart on where to go for collection.

You’ll receive your results
Our laboratory will test your sample and send your results to your provider. You’ll receive your results through My Sanford Chart. You can review your results any time by going to the Menu and selecting Genetic Profile at the bottom of the My Record section.

After Receiving Your Results

A pharmacist will review your PGx results
We’ll reach out to your provider if there are any recommendations to adjust your medications.

You may receive a genetic referral
You’ll be referred for a genetic evaluation if you’re at a higher risk for a genetic condition.

Your health care team collaborates
If you consult with a genetic counselor or medical geneticist, your provider will receive information about your follow-up care and disease management plan.

We can coordinate family testing
If your family members want to undergo testing, your genetic counselor can help.

Testing Limitations


  • These screenings aren’t comprehensive and don’t identify all genetic variations or conditions.
  • They should not be used as a replacement for genetic testing recommended by a health care provider.
  • They may not find the cause of current health concerns or detect a variant that has been identified in your family.

Please tell your provider if you have any of the following:

  • A current leukemia diagnosis
  • Had a blood transfusion in the last 30 days
  • Had a bone marrow transplant at any time in your life
  • Had a liver transfer at any time in your life

If you’ve served, you may qualify for a discount. Contact us at (888) 424-2332 or (605) 312-GENE to learn more.

Our business hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. CT.

Enrollment Options

Talk to Your Doctor

Discuss genetic screenings with your primary care provider. They can request testing on your behalf.

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Enroll Through My Sanford Chart

Request genetic testing through My Sanford Chart. Go to the Menu and select Request Genetic Testing at the bottom of the Communication section.

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Request Online

Request genetic testing online at the link below and complete the eligibility form. Our team will contact you if you meet the qualifications.

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